Location[cut]51st State Festival 2018 takes place at Trent Park in North London, a short walk away from Cockfosters tube station (Piccadilly Line).
Park Address:
Trent Park
Cockfosters Road
Greater London
We’re extremely pleased to be bringing 51st State Festival to the beautiful. green surroundings of North London’s Trent Park. Trent Park has a very special feel, with a taste of the countryside just 20 minutes North of King’s Cross on the Piccadilly Line. Our goal is to respect the park and the local residents at all times.
We ask all customers to show the local area and residents the same respect by arriving and leaving the event quietly and politely, leaving any litter in the bins provided or taking it with you when you depart.
[cut] Travel Information[cut]

• Tube 

The exit for the festival is Cockfosters Station. Please note this is the ONLY exit for the festival. Any festival attendees attempting to get off at Oakwood Station will be asked to re-board the train at Oakwood and alight at Cockfosters. The route from Oakwood Station to the festival is a private road and will be closed off to any pedestrians and cars.

Please make sure your Oyster Cards are topped-up for your return journey ahead of arriving at the festival to avoid congestion at Cockfosters station at the end of the day. 

• Taxis / Lifts 

There will be a taxi rank for collections, this will be sign-posted on the day of the event.
Please be aware that there are strict road closures in operation in the surrounding areas which only allow access to local residents. Traffic enforcement will be in full operation on the day and cars will be towed! 

• Bus 

There are plenty of buses that can get you to the event. 

Please plan your journey with TFL: https://tfl.gov.uk/plan-a-journey

• Cars 

We advise everyone to use public transport as there is no suitable parking available anywhere near the festival except for the pre-paid car park which is limited in spaces and is a 20 minutes walk to the festival site.

• Leaving the event 

We host 51st State Festival in a beautiful tranquil surrounding that is located in a residential area. Please be respectful to our neighbours to ensure we do not impact our lovely residents and we get to return to our home. 

There is a road closure on Cockfosters Road for egress with clear signage directing attendees to the tube, taxi pick-up location and the car park. 

There is a queuing system for everyone to get into Cockfosters Station to get home and this will be managed by our events team along with TFL. Everyone will get on the tube however we will be holding people outside so we allow a safe and efficient boarding of the tubes on the platform. Security and the event team will be advising attendees of any information along the egress route. 

[cut] Is there car parking?[cut]

We advise everyone to use public transport as there is no suitable parking available anywhere near the festival except for the pre-paid car park which is limited in spaces and is a 20 minutes walk to the festival site. There is limited car parking tickets available via our website here: https://www.51ststatefestival.com/blogs/tickets

The car park is located at
Bramley Road Sports Ground entrance is on Chase side London N14 4PE 
Car parking tickets are only available to purchase in advance of the event and will not be available on the day.
Please be aware that there are strict road closures in operation in the surrounding areas which only allow access to local residents. Traffic enforcement will be in full operation on the day and cars will be towed! 

We strongly recommend unless you have purchased your car park tickets in advance that you travel via public transport. 

[cut] I did not receive my e-ticket? [cut] If you have not received your ticket, please contact our ticket company on the details below and they will be happy to assist.


[cut] Can I cancel or return my ticket? [cut]Please note that all tickets are non refundable and non exchangeable.

[cut] What is the age limit for entry? [cut]To enter 51st State Festival you must be aged 18 or over. Everyone must present a valid ID when they arrive. The only accepted forms of ID are a valid, in date, Passport, Driving
License or Home Office approved proof of age card that clearly displays the PASS hologram.
The 51st State Bars will operate a Challenge 25 system – if you look under 25, you will be asked to provide valid photo ID proving you are 18 or over. Please take it as a compliment and if you’re lucky enough to look under 25, make sure you bring your photo ID with you.[cut] Is there re-entry on the day? [cut]There is a strict no re-entry policy on the day. Doors are open from 11am – 10pm and last entry is strictly at 6pm for all ticket holders.

[cut] VIP Ticketholders [cut]VIP ticket holders will also enter the festival site via their own exclusive entrance. The much improved VIP area will include a bigger bar, many more toilets, beds, benches & table service. VIP tickets include separate fast track entry, bespoke VIP area with premium food & drink selections, posh toilets.
[cut]Bars[cut]There will be no drink tokens system for the bars. There will be more bars, spread evenly across the entire site. Each of the bars will have a larger serving area and all bars will accept cash, contactless and standard chip and pin cards.
There will also be free water fountains throughout the site.

[cut]Prohibited Items [cut] Due to the current security climate, the following are now part of the conditions of entry to 51st State Festival on Trent Park. Everyone entering the 51st State Festival set will be subjected to a search. This would include pat-downs and metal detector checks. Some guests may be asked to for an enhanced search,  if you refuse a search, you will not be able to enter the festival. No liquids, gels or lotions are permitted into the event. This includes perfumes and similar liquids. Gel products including hand sanitisers. No liquids means exactly that and security will strictly adhere to this. Sun cream or lotion sized at 200ml or less in original containers, Vape fluid and eye drops in standard plastic 10ml containers will be allowed but contents will be tested on arrival. Please note that any gels or liquids that do not comply will be disposed of by security staff. Please note that you cannot bring pressurised gas canisters into the venue. You will be asked to surrender any canisters or be refused entry. You cannot bring any liquids into the venue, this includes eye drops, nose sprays, make up and perfume.

You are allowed to bring prescribed medication on site when accompanied by a doctor’s note or valid medical certificate. As ever; if you see or hear anything which gives you a security concern, please speak to the nearest member of security staff.

Your cooperation with this is appreciated and it is to ensure that everyone attending 51st State Festival has a safe and enjoyable day. [cut]Strobe lighting & effects warning [cut]Please be aware that strobe lighting and smoke effects will be used at this event and that prolonged exposure to loud music can damage your hearing.

[cut] Can I bring my own food & drink? [cut]You cannot bring any food or drink into the festival. There are fully licensed bars on site and a selection of street food concessions catering to a variety of tastes!

[cut]Will there be cash machines? [cut]There will be cash machines on site however to avoid queues, we recommend bringing all the cash you expect to need for the day with you when you arrive. Cards will be accepted at some of the event bars.

[cut]Applying for disabled access PA / carer tickets [cut]We provide a free ticket for a personal assistant to special access ticket holders who would be unable to attend or whose experience would be greatly impaired without their presence.
Please follow the steps below to apply.
The deadline for applications is Monday 30th July 2018. We cannot accept applications submitted after this time.
Please let us know in advance when you apply if you require the help of more than 1 PA/Carer for your time at the event. We cannot provide Carer tickets on the day!
Purchase a festival ticket from this website.
Please email info@51ststatefestival.com to request your free assistant ticket. You will need to quote the ticket reference number of the ticket you purchased and attach a copy of your qualifying document
We will respond to your request within 7 working days
Automatic Eligibility
A photocopy/scan of one of the following documents (dated within the past 12 months if DLA or Attendance Allowance) submitted with a valid festival ticket reference number:
Front page of DLA or PIP letter (no specific rate required)
Front page of Attendance Allowance letter (no specific rate required)
Evidence that registered severely sight impaired (blind)
Medical professional’s letter
The Access Card or equivalent
Statement (with option to send alternative evidence)
We recognise that the evidence above is not definitive. If you do not have any of the above evidence but wish to apply for a free carer’s ticket, we ask that you email us stating why you require one. Your application will be judged on a case-by-case basis by our Access Officer.

[cut] I'm a member of the press, how do I apply for press accreditation? [cut]Please email alex@jukeboxpr.co.uk

[cut]How do I get in touch with 51st State Festival? [cut]Please email info@51ststatefestival.com - adding "51ST STATE" in the subject line.
Due to the high volume of emails we receive, please expect a delayed response. We will respond as soon as possible. [cut]Permissions [cut]Please be aware that by attending our events, you consent to your IMAGE AND VOICE AND LIKENESS being used without compensation in photos, videos, live streams, audio recordings for exploitation in any and all media, whether now known or hereafter devised, and you release 51ststate festival, its successors, assigns and licensees from any liability, on account of such usage.


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